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At Cremona Musica International Exhibitions, business and musical culture meet in an exclusive Events Programme


Every year, Cremona Musica International Exhibitions offer a programme of events addressed to different audiences with the aim of shaping the optimal environment to exchange opinions and ideas, create international networks and develop new artistic and business opportunities.

Here is a preview of the 2016 events programme:


A set of events focusing on highly topical musical-related themes involving some of the most qualified professionals of the sector.

  • Round Table “Financing the show business A symposium involving public and private sponsors to discuss about the organization of live music shows. Representatives of the Italian Ministry of Culture , representatives of Banking Foundations supporting music, and major private sponsors have been invited to participate.
  • Round Table “Music in TV:how major musical shows develop on international TV channels A symposium involving highly qualified professionals from major international TV channels who will exchange opinions about musical productions being currently broadcast.
  • Round Table “Music education”

A meeting with some representatives of public and private institutions to discuss current and future development of music teaching.


Internationally recognized experts will conduct meetings dealing with specific issues and will explore all the aspects related to these topics.

  • 7th International Seminar of liturgical music An appointment involving representatives of different religious faiths to discuss about musical practice in liturgy and its development.
  • Seminar on musicians' muscular disorders

A workshop organized in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin and the Neuromuscular System Laboratory to examine the most common muscular disorders affecting professional musicians.


A series of appointments about musical innovations focusing on new technologies and IT.
  • Workshop “The live sound of an acoustic and an electric instrument” speaker: Patrick Djivas, bass guitarist of PFM.
  • Workshop “The sound of rock violin” speaker: Lucio Fabbri, violinist of PFM.
  • Workshop “Piano recording in studio” speaker: Paolo Iafelice, Adesiva Discografica Milan.
  • Workshop “The digital sound from the 1980s to the present day” speaker: Pier Calderan, journalist and musician.


A day entirely dedicated to musical instruments dealers in order to explore the latest news in the field.
  • Shop windows: successful solutions and mistakes to avoid in order to attract more customers
  • The “Stradivari bonus”, a public funding of the amount of 15 millions € for the purchase of a musical instrument.
  • Musical editions: a “corner” is enough to attract more customers to your shop.
  • How to promote your shop on the web: guide to an efficient use of the most popular social networks.


The new exhibition area dedicated to wind instruments will be supported by a series of events aimed at attracting a specialized and highly qualified audience. This is the case of masterclasses, performances and meetings organized in collaboration with Maestro Piero Vincenti, president of the Italian Academy of Clarinet and Maestro Salvatore Lombardi, president of the Italian Flautists Associations.


About 150 young musicians divided into four categories (strings, piano, guitar, ensemble) will take part in the contest. The competition is organized in collaboration with Maestro Antonio D'Alessandro, president of the Association Giovanni Paolo Maggini.


    A series of events taking place within the Acoustic Guitar Village:
  • Guitar making masterclass
  • Acoustic guitar teaching masterclass
  • "New Sounds of Acoustic Music" Competition and Mogar-Ibanez Award in memory of Stefano Rosso: contest for emerging guitarists.
  • 4th Bluegrass Meeting: concerts, showcases, meetings and workshops held by Bluegrass Music musicians.

Moreover, Italian and international artists will have the chance to perform live on two outdoors stages while exhibitors will have the opportunity to organize seminars or to present new products in special areas.


3rd Cremona Music Award: over the last two years the prize-giving ceremony has brought to Cremona important and famous personalities such as Michael Nyman, Alfred Brendel e Krzysztof Penderecki.

This is just a preview: there will be more events to discover... Stay tuned!

Download here the 2015 Events Programme