The Exhibition

Cremona Mondomusica, the International Exhibition of Handcrafted Musical Instruments, is the most qualified worldwide Exhibition of the sector. It is the most important meeting point and a chance for confrontation among the professionals of the sector.

Cremona is internationally recognized as the homeland of violin making. It is the birthplace of Masters like Antonio Stradivari, the Amati families and Guarneri, the best luthiers ever existed.

Cremona has been able to keep alive over the centuries its musical tradition unique in the world and promote it at the Cremona Mondomusica Exhibition.

the exhibitionThe right place to do Business!

CremonaFiere looks carefully at the market, its needs and future prospects, and works with the aim of providing its customers with a strategic and effective marketing tool.

Mondomusica mainly focuses on string instruments and its related sectors such as accessories, publishing and raw materials.

All the most important players of the sector take part in Mondomusica (247 exhibitors from 24 countries in 2015) because it is renowned as the right place to do business.

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High qualified public for the best violin making

According to a survey taken by visitors, from the analysis of the categories, we can say that the number of visitors is composed for the biggest part by musicians (professionals, amateurs, music lovers, students, schools of music and teachers). These categories represent the 72,5% of visitors that together with the 3% of the trade means that the exhibitors of Mondomusica always get in touch with a qualified and very interested public that does business in the fair or is thinking to do it (59%)

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A more than positive judgment!

The visitors’ judgement is very important to confirm that the objectives of Mondomusica, Piano Experience and Acoustic Guitar Village in terms of quality of the exhibition and services have been reached. 92% of visitors judged the exhibition “excellent” or “good” thanks to an high level exhibition and a rich programme of quality events.

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An international festival

The most important aim for CremonaFiere is to create awareness and provide valuable training not only to face the actual market, but also for its prospects. According to this view, we organize seminars and conferences on music teachings, technical-scientific seminars dedicated to luthiers and to music students, and new technologies applied to classical instruments. At Cremona Mondomusica we do not only speak about music, we also play music! Every year, thanks also to the contribution of the exhibitors, there are extraordinary concerts and performances by world famous artists.

We are talking about the most influential people such as the composer Krzysztof Penderecki, the music documentary-maker Bruno Monseingeon, the music critic of the New York Times Corinna Da Fonseca, the first clarinet of the Santa Cecilia Orchestra Alessandro Carbonare, one of the leading violinists of the Berliner Philarmoniker Alessandro Cappone, and then again Elio and, over a phone call, Renzo Arbore.

The people involved in the scheduled 95 events were more than 300!

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